In real estate, the installation of expandable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles has – due to the increasing demand – meanwhile become a quality feature and a decisive competitive advantage in marketing. A certificate that proves easy access to electric mobility therefore significantly increases the value of real estate. Owners and investors can thus actively improve the ESG criteria of their building and also create a modern image.

When is a property certified as eMobility ready®?

reev prepares buildings technically for electro mobility. The prerequisite for the certificate is the installation of the reev Base, the eMobility control centre in the technical room, which is designed for at least 50% of the existing parking spaces. In addition, the corresponding electrotechnical expansion stages, the so-called reev extensions, come from the technical room. The property is thus certified as eMobility ready®. Charging stations can then be connected to the lines and installed at a later date, if desired and depending on requirements. The eMobility certificate and seal is used for both existing and new buildings.

Vorteile der eMobility ready® Zertifizierung

With this technical pre-equipment for electro mobility, the building is officially considered to be
eMobility ready® and is ready for the immediate expansion of charging infrastructure. An expansion of the number of charging stations is possible at any time. In this way, it is possible to react quickly to the demand for charging stations from tenants.

With the electromobility equipment, the building complies with current building standards (such as the GEIG) and can avoid expensive, subsequent conversions with the help of well thought-out concepts.

eMobility ready Zertifikat

eMobility ready® Brand Seal

The advantages of building certification for electro mobility:

  • Increasing the value of the property
  • Promotion of the innovative external image of the building
  • Advantages in marketing & financing
  • Subsequent tenants benefit from easy access to electric mobility

How is the eMobility ready® certificate applied for?

For new buildings, the certificate can already be registered with reev by the developer in the planning phase and used for marketing. The seal is also suitable as a suitable marketing basis for owners or investors when retrofitting existing buildings.

Intelligent Energy Management for optimal electricity supply

With the technical pre-equipment, an intelligent Load Management can additionally be installed, with which the available electricity is distributed evenly among the charging vehicles. This way, the previous electricity supply of the property is not affected during charging times. Expensive consumption peaks during the day are avoided and the available power is used cost-efficiently. In this way, additional charging stations can be operated despite limited grid capacity. By the optimisation of the electricity supply, faster charging is also possible. Additional potential for the optimisation of the grid connection power arises through the combination with a PV system and battery.

ABL reev ready combines the reev charging software with ABL charging stations

Whether it’s a company, a real estate company, the hospitality industry, a facility manager or a car park operator, the need for a demand-oriented charging infrastructure is growing everywhere. In order to centrally control and automatically bill several wallboxes, the connection to a charging software, a backend, is necessary.

Installation and operation are easier than ever with the ABL reev ready solution: both for the operator and the electrician. ABL reev ready combines powerful ABL hardware with the intelligent reev cloud software and makes intelligent charging simple, transparent and future-proof.

What is an “intelligent wallbox”?

A charging station with installed software is called an “intelligent wallbox”. The charging points are integrated into the software so that the charging stations can be centrally controlled and managed in an online operator portal, such as the reev Dashboard. For the wallbox operator, the software not only offers management functions such as user group creation, access control or monitoring, but also an automated billing system for charging processes. By automating many processes, the software ensures efficient operation and thus makes the wallbox and charging intelligent, simple and transparent.

Charging software for charging stations is particularly useful for complex fleet situations in commercial and corporate fleets, car parks or residential complexes. This is the only option that allows different drivers to charge at one charging station and the consumption per user to be billed automatically and accurately in the background.

What are the advantages of a wallbox with software?

The reev software enables the efficient operation of the wallboxes. The management of the charging stations in the reev dashboard offers the following advantages:

  • Measurability
  • Control of usage
  • Automated billing
  • Load management
  • Access control
  • User management
  • Economic operation of the charging infrastructure
  • Save resources through automated processes
  • Generate revenue with the reev GHG quota

What advantages does ABL reev ready offer?

With ABL reev ready, the combination of charging station and software is as simply as possible. The reev ready wallboxes and charging stations from ABL are already pre-configured with SIM card and charging point IDs, so that the commissioning of the charging station and the activation of the software takes place in just a few steps: The reev ready licence keys are purchased in the Compact or Pro version, depending on the software licence. The operator can activate the software independently for each charging point and set up the reev dashboard.

ABL reev ready benefits:
  • Easy eMobility entry
  • Control all charging points in the reev dashboard
  • Easy activation of the reev dashboard with reev ready licence key
  • Powerful, already pre-configured ABL reev ready wallbox
  • Optimised and time-saving installation and onboarding of your charging infrastructure
  • Personal support for hardware and software
  • A coordinated eMobility concept – no configuration necessary
  • High flexibility – choose your ABL reev ready charging station and the desired reev ready licence key
  • Charging compliant with calibration laws
  • Out-of-the-box LTE connection

How to order ABL reev ready?

You can purchase ABL reev ready from electrical wholesalers. You will purchase:

  • One ABL reev ready charging station
  • One reev ready licence key per charging station (you can choose between the Compact or Pro licence version).

As an electrician, you can purchase ABL reev ready from one of our wholesale partners. Visit the online shop and search for ABL reev ready.

To our distribution partners

As an operator, you can request ABL reev ready directly from us.

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How to install ABL reev ready?

ABL reev ready charging stations can be commissioned in just 4 simple steps by the installing electrician:

  • Step 1: Installation of the charging station(s)
  • Step 2: Fill in the online commissioning form at
  • Step 3: Application of the reev logo sticker on the charging station
  • Step 4: Handing over the operator set to the operator of the charging infrastructure

Following this, the operator can easily activate the reev dashboard with the reev ready licence keys at

ABL reev ready features overview

ABL reev ready Charging Stations
  • Backend communication OCPP 1.6
  • Energy meter compliant with calibration regulations
  • DC residual current detection
  • Max. Charging current per phase: 16 / 32 A*
  • Max. Charging power: 7.4 / 11 / 22 kW*
  • 1- & 3-phase charging*
  • OTA software updates
  • Real-time support
  • Remote service (up to 2 years after online activation)

* Depending on product variant

reev ready Licence Key
  • reev customer support
  • Fully automated billing**
  • Public charging**
  • Flexible tariff allocation**
  • GHG quota for EVs
  • Smartphone app for drivers
  • Management & Monitoring
  • Access control
  • User management

* Depending on product variant   **Pro Licenses  

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