The demand for publicly accessible charging infrastructure is steadily increasing with the number of newly registered electric vehicles. This is because the majority of Germans live in apartment buildings without charging facilities for their e-cars and without the possibility of installing a private wallbox directly at their place of residence. Equipping residential and commercial properties as well as car parks with charging infrastructure is thus gaining in importance and will soon be indispensable.

As expected, upgrading existing buildings and car parks is associated with high costs and effort. Stakeholders expect financial and planning-related hurdles, especially when setting up larger charging infrastructures. The acute shortage of skilled workers makes it difficult to find a suitable electrician for the installation and maintenance of the charging infrastructure. The preconfigured network cabinet reev Pulse was therefore designed so that electricians can quickly and easily set up a charging infrastructure on their own without any previous experience in electro mobility. To facilitate planning and implementation, a planning appointment with reev’s technical experts is also offered. With reev Pulse, the complexity of the installation is reduced to a minimum. The properties can also be certified as eMobility ready® through the installation and made fit for the future.

reev Pulse simplifies the installation of charging infrastructure

reev Pulse is a pre-configured network cabinet with plug & play solution for uncomplicated commissioning on site. As the central control unit and technical centre of the charging infrastructure, the network cabinet contains all network components for the intelligent and future-proof networking of the charging infrastructure. The advantage: In future, the charging infrastructure in the building project can be set up by the electrician responsible for the building’s electrical system. Separate commissioning for building electrics and charging infrastructure is no longer necessary and costs can be saved. The electricians receive support in advance in planning meetings with the reev specialist planners as well as during the installation process. reev Pulse can be individually adapted to every charging infrastructure project. The subsequent connection to the reev Dashboard, which guarantees the efficient operation of the charging infrastructure, is also possible. The configured network cabinet can be purchased in three different sizes directly from the reev sales contact. It is therefore suitable for charging infrastructure projects of any size.

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Smooth operation thanks to intelligent Energy Management

reev Pulse is equipped with an intelligent Energy Management System that optimally distributes the available power to the charging points. With the dynamic charging and load management, expensive consumption peaks during the course of the day are avoided and the available power is used cost-efficiently. The building connection is not exceeded at any time and thus ensures the building’s power supply. For the management and control of the charging points, the charging infrastructure is easily connected to the reev backend using the network cabinet. The end customer can then manage the charging stations in the reev Dashboard, the online operator portal.

How to make your property eMobility ready®

reev Pulse is compatible with existing systems in the car park – integration of photovoltaic systems is possible on request. Inside the network cabinet, in addition to dynamic load management and external control centres for controller/extender applications, there is also a router for easy maintenance and operation of the charging infrastructure via remote access.

Depending on the scope of the charging infrastructure, the network cabinet is available in three sizes and pre-configurations:

  • 25 – 50 charging points
  • 51 – 100 charging points
  • 101 – 200 charging points
  • 200+ on request

With the installation of a reev Pulse for at least half of all existing parking spaces including a first wallbox, the property can be designated as eMobility ready®. Our eMobility ready® certificate thus increases the value of your properties and prepares them for the future.

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