Do you want to implement your intelligent and future-proof charging infrastructure?

reev Connect makes it quite simple.

With the reev Connect Set, you can equip individual charging stations or entire charging groups simply and easily with the reev software. This applies to charging stations that have already been installed as well as to charging stations that have not yet been configured.

This is how you make charging infrastructure simply intelligent.

You can find more information about the reev Connect Set in our information brochure, which you can download here.

Compatible Hardware

The reev Software meets the open source communication standard OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) This means that the reev Connect Set can be combined with a wide range of manufacturers.

An overview of all currently compatible hardware models can be found here.

reev Software


Our cloud software enables charging stations to be future-proof.

The reev Dashboardthe intuitive user interface makes it easy and comfortable to operate and manage your charging infrastructure. This is how you operate your charging fleet efficiently.

Upgrade now

Maximize the full potential of the reev Software!
The reev Connect Set allows you to use the reev software licenses Compact or Pro. However, you can only benefit from the full potential of the reev Software with Dashboard Pro.

Therefore, if you currently own a Basic or Compact license, upgrade now and stop missing out on benefits!

Only with reev Dashboard Pro you have the full range of the reev Software features, such as:

Management of charging tariffs

Create charging quotes with individual pricing for individual drivers or per user group:

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  • The operator chooses the optimal tariff option
  • The electricity used for charging is recorded for each user according to consumption and billed according to the specified pricing
  • The operator creates different charging offers, such as guest or employee charging

Public charging

Enable the use of charging infrastructure for spontaneous charging (Ad Hoc or eRoaming).

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  • Access via QR code or (third-party) charging card
  • Billing via credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay


Automated billing

Automated and secure billing via our payment service provider.

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  • Monthly invoicing
  • Invoicing with operator logo
  • Monthly credit for the operator (CPO)

Automated billing

Automated and secure billing via our payment service provider.

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  • Additional revenue at any publicly accessible charging point at no extra cost
  • Regardless of which eVehicles are charged at these charging points
  • Thanks to consumption-based recording (per kWh), charging processes can also be credited retroactively

Multiple payment options

Offer various payment options to users.

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  • Company cars & pool vehicles
  • Employees
  • Residents & tentants
  • Spontaneous chargers & guests


Access control

Keep an eye on the charging infrastructure. Control and manage it centrally via online access.

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  • All locations in one overview
  • Analysis of user behaviour and revenue
  • Live reporting of occupancy and charging processes
  • Remote control of the charging stations

Do you want to know more about reev Software?

The reev Connect Set enables you to use the software license models Compact or Pro. Choose the software model that fits your requirements.

Components of the reev Connect Set

The reev Connect Set consists of a reev Connect Setup-Kit and one or more reev Connect license key(s).


The setup kit is used for commissioning the charging station by the qualified electrician. One setup kit per charging group is required for setup.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • An envelope for the electrician including a SIM card (optional) and a setup manual
  • An envelope for the operator including an activation code and two RFID key fobs

Do you have questions regarding the reev Connect Set? Our experts will be happy to help you.

1. Order of reev Connect Set

The reev Connect Set is available at electrical wholesalers. Alternatively, it can be ordered online via our order form.

2. Electrical setup by the electrician

The setup of the reev Connect Sets has to be done by a qualified electrician.

3. Activation and set up of the reev Dashboard

The reev Dashboards can be activated online via our setup form. Finally, you can set up your reev Dashboard, assign charging points and user groups, invite drivers, have charging processes billed automatically, etc.

Technical setup of reev Connect

You are an electrician and use the reev Connect Set in order to equip a charging station with the reev Software?
At you will also find step-by-step instructions for the integration of the reev Software.

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to send you further information
or to provide you with individual advice in person.