Company car drivers charge at home, employer reimburses electricity costs.
Convenient, safe and simple.

Make efficient use of free time. With reev, all charging processes of the electric fleet at the company’s own charging stations can be recorded and automatically billed.
Now home charging processes of electric company car drivers can also be accounted for:
The charging processes at home are recorded accurately in terms of consumption, per kWh, and automatically transmitted to the employer for internal billing or reimbursement. A legally secure and transparent solution for employers and employees.
User authentication
A precondition for the consumption-based recording and legally compliant billing of charging processes is an access restriction at the home wallbox. Only through authentication options, e.g. RFID-capable employee ID or reev app, can the charging processes of authorised users be recorded separately and automatically.
Automatic document creation
for internal billing
The electricity costs for home charging are automatically accumulated and sent to the employer as a digital monthly receipt. Internal, tax-free billing can be done together with the monthly expense reimbursement, for example. The drivers also receive a receipt by eMail.
Accurate recording,
safe handling
All home charging processes are recorded to the exact kWh. Due to the access restriction, business charging processes are automatically recorded separately from private charging processes and transmitted digitally. A legally compliant process for companies and employees.
Full transparency,
no effort
All processes are displayed transparently. On the automatically generated eMail receipts, all home charging processes are traceable – including consumption and costs – and broken down per driver. No further systems or accesses are necessary. Drivers can view all processes at the home charging station via the reev app.
  • User authentication
  • Automatic document creation
    for internal billing
  • Accurate recording,
    safe handling
  • Full transparency,
    no effort

You are a private individual?

And looking for a solution to charge company cars at home and charge costs through employer?

This is how company car charging at home works

Authorized company car drivers charge the electric company cars at home. Options
for authentication at the charging stations include keyfobs, RFID cards or the reev app for drivers.

The home charging processes are recorded to the exact kWh and transmitted automatically. Drivers can view their charging processes in the reev app.

Both the company and the drivers receive a monthly receipt of all company charging costs via eMail.

Electricity costs for home charging of company car drivers are reimbursed by the employer.
This can be done together with the monthly expenses, for example.

Ready to start in a few steps and
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