Activate the access to your reev account in just a few steps. Please fill in the appropriate setup form for your use case.

Note: Please only fill in one of the forms below.

Setup for ABL reev ready

  • Have you installed one or more ABL reev ready charging station(s) or will your electrician do the installation for you?
  • Please select this setup form, when the product number of the ABL charging station ends with a “B” and when you have one or more reev ready license keys at hand.

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Standard Setup

  • You have installed one or more wallboxes on your premises.
  • You want to allow your employees, guests, customers and/or tenants to charge their private electric car and/or electric company car for free or at a certain charging tariff.

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Setup for charging company car at home

  • You have installed a Wallbox at your home.
  • You want to charge your electric company car at home.
  • You want your employer to pay the electricity costs for charging your electric company car at home. Or your employer has already agreed to do so.

*Note: It is also possible to allow private electric cars to charge (separate from business charging).

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reev Connect

  • You have purchased a reev Connect Set and would now like to perform the online activation.
  • You do NOT want to install an ABL + reev Bundle or ABL reev ready, but you want to connect the reev Dashboard to another hardware partner.

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Sollten während des Ausfüllens des Formulars Fragen aufkommen, helfen Ihnen unsere FAQs:

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