We want to be honest: How to turn it and how to use it, charging electric cars still takes longer than the pit stop at the gas station. But head up, the charging technology is developing very quickly.

Some vehicle models can already be charged almost completely in 20-60 minutes and upcoming charging stations will further reduce the charging time. But it is not yet that far – fortunately – because we have put together 11 things with which you can pass the charging time.

1. Go for a coffee

Whoever is tired can take the opportunity to go for a coffee. Meanwhile, the charging infrastructure in Germany is well developed and there are public charging stations everywhere, especially in cities. The nearest café is never far away and who knows – maybe you’ll discover your new favourite café by chance.

2. Call parents and grandparents

When was the last time you contacted your (grand)parents without a reason? You can make great use of the charging break for things that are often forgotten in everyday life. And by the way, you will give your family an unexpected pleasure.

3. Go shopping

There are now also charging stations in front of many supermarkets. Often even in their own car parks. Why not kill two birds with one stone and use your weekly shopping to take some electricity with you?

4. Take a power nap

Those who crave deceleration can use the charging break to take a long nap. Simply recline your seat and doze off. If you have more of a short stop in mind, you can also practise power napping and briefly close your eyes. But don’t overdo it; blankets and pillows do take up a lot of space in the car in the long run.

5. Call your favourite person

If you have already tried suggestion 1-4 and the charge is still not full, take a look at your contact list. Check in with family and friends via social media, email or messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and others. Now would be a good time to check in, rekindle old times and just ask how your loved ones are doing.

6. Clean out the emails again

A not exactly fun but certainly very meaningful activity is cleaning out your email inbox. Take heart and banish newsletters, order confirmations and advertisements to the trash. Reply to your pen pals and sort your messages into their respective folders. You will see that in the end you will feel a lot lighter.

7. Short meditation

You have nothing to do? Then do the same to your car and provide yourself with new energy. There are many short meditations that you can do anytime and anywhere. In the Body Scan, for example, you shift your attention inwards and delve into each part of your body in turn. From the little toe, to the thighs, to the stomach and oesophagus, to the nose, lips and earlobes. Feel how the body part is doing right now. Can you feel the seat underneath you? Do you feel any pain? Is the body part (too) warm or (too) cold? After the exercise, you will feel more relaxed and can continue with energy.

8. Schedule your doctor’s appointment

One of the things you never get around to is making doctor’s appointments. You don’t think about it during the day and when it occurs to you in the evening, you call outside office hours. So pass the time by having a nice chat with the receptionist.

9. Check out holiday deals

Do you have a few days of holiday left and would like to go somewhere? Then browse a bit through holiday portals. If you check when the prices are cheapest and plan your holiday accordingly, you might be able to pick up a real bargain.

10. Clean up your trunk

It’s just the right time to spruce up the inside of your car! Clear out the boot and glove compartment of your car if they are once again cluttered and disorganised.

11. Listen to music

We all know how important music is to us, especially when we’re alone in the car: It makes us happy, calms us down, makes us forget all our worries and helps us relax after a long day at work! So why not take the opportunity to listen to some great songs while charging your electric car? You’ll feel like singing along!

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