reev is an expert in intelligent, scalable, and custom-fit charging solutions. As a dynamic company with a strong partner network, we combine innovative spirit, passion, technical expertise, and know-how.

Our user-friendly software solution is not only flexible but can also be designed individually and is thus suitable for every application. With our broad product and service portfolio, we are able to specifically address a wide range of requirements and thus enable everyone to easily get started with eMobility.

Trust & Transparency

We communicate openly and trust each other. As one team we are committed to honesty and transparency.


We want to constantly improve, learn and develop and see it as our responsibility to promote sustainable behaviour.

Fairness and Respect

We create valuable relationships by treating each other with fairness and respect, celebrating and valuing our diversity and standing up for each other.


We challenge the status quo with open-mindedness, innovation, focus and dynamism. In this way, we minimise risk in a rapidly changing world and remain flexible in order to make effective decisions. We are constantly discovering new ways to make a difference for the company, the people and the planet.

Customer Centricity

We create added value for our customers. They trust us to develop great products and focus on solutions that benefit them and us.


We are convinced that as a strong team we can realise our mission and vision. Our enthusiasm for what we do gives us the courage and curiosity to do outstanding work, to go beyond our comfort zone and to promote and try out unconventional ideas. 

Vision & Mission

We believe in the synergy of sustainable mobility and renewable energy supply. Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to shape the future of electric mobility themselves and actively contribute to the mobility transition. To this end, we provide a transparent and fully automated charging solution for electric vehicles.

reev is member of ChargeUp Europe

In January 2021, we joined the European eMobility association ChargeUp Europe. Eduard Schlutius, CEO of reev, was elected as a member of the Board of Directors in February 2022.

Our goal is to accelerate the development of charging infrastructure in Europe and to deliver a consumer-centric model for EV charging in Europe that serves the practical needs of EV drivers. As a member of the board of directors, we actively campaign on behalf of ABL + reev throughout the European Union for framework conditions that promote innovation and competition in electromobility.

You want to know more about eMobility?

We have summarised everything you need to know about eMobility in our reev blog. Here you will find articles on various topics relating to eMobility and news about reev, as well as case studies in which we report on our successfully implemented projects.

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