Customised charging solutions for existing and new buildings.

How can we prepare buildings sustainable for the future?

This is a question that many managers in the housing industry are asking themselves. The answer: Charging options for electric cars play a key role.

With the software-based charging solutions from reev, you can build user-friendly charging infrastructure that is precisely tailored to your residential property: future-proof, scalable and intuitive to use. With reev, you have a reliable and competent partner at your side every step of the way – from consulting to concept to implementation.


For property developers, project managers and TGA planners

Scalable and holistic eMobility concepts tailored to your new construction project.

For housing companies, housing associations and landlords

Customized charging solutions for in-house or third-party operation – tailored to the needs of your residential property.

For homeowners’ associations and property management companies

Expandable and reliable charging infrastructure with fair cost distribution for all stakeholders.

How does your property benefit from electromobility & charging solutions?

Increase in value
Energy efficiency

The integration of charging options clearly means an increase in the value of the property. This is reflected in a higher sales price, higher rental income as well as an overall higher attractiveness.

Charging options are already a significant factor in the housing industry. Soon they will be part of the required basic equipment of a property. The decision to buy or rent will soon depend on whether there are in-house charging facilities.

By building charging infrastructure, it is possible to upgrade to the latest building standards. Sustainability also means sustainable growth: With holistic and well thought-out concepts, different individual installations are avoided. This prevents expensive, subsequent conversions.

Intelligent load management distributes the available electricity evenly among the charging vehicles, and the property’s existing power supply is unaffected. Power usage can be evaluated centrally.

Your advantages with reev

Individual usage fee

A monthly base price can be set for using the charging stations, e.g., to compensate for maintenance and administration costs. The amount of the fee can be set up individually for each residential party.

Easy separation of users

Whether personal parking space or shared parking space – all parking space users are billed separately on a monthly basis. Visitors pay for charging transactions directly with a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or eRoaming charging card.

reev App for drivers

The reev app offers convenient and transparent control of charging processes for drivers. It provides real-time consumption monitoring, payment storage, and invoice details. And is compatible with Android and iOS.

reev Energy Management

With intelligent energy management, taking into account the building load, the available power can be distributed to the charging points as required. Expensive consumption peaks during the course of the day are avoided and the available power is used cost-efficiently.

  • Additional charging stations despite limited network capacity
  • Overload protection
  • Maximum load during off-peak times
  • Save costs by avoiding peak loads
  • Faster charging by optimizing the power supply

eMobility in new buildings

Prepare your new construction project for the future of eMobility with scalable charging solutions. reev supports you as a property developer, project developer, and building services planner on the way to a targeted charging infrastructure. If you wish, we can accompany you from start to finish in the planning and implementation of your charging infrastructure project. Together we prepare your new construction in the housing industry according to the eMobility ready® Standard This allows you to offer future-oriented electric mobility equipment to future tenants at any time.

Do you want our charging solutions also for your residential property?

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