Information and help for charging point operators​

To make your entry into smart charging as easy as possible, you will find all the relevant information on this page to get your future-proof charging solution up and running with reev.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form below.

Activate reev Dashboard

The setup of the smart charging station is only successfully completed once the complete setup form has been submitted.

The reev Dashboard is then ready for use and the charging station can be managed and controlled: Charging tariffs can be set and users can be created.​

Your reev Dashboard Setup

Access to your reev account is activated in just a few steps. To activate your reev dashboard (online operator portal) or the reev app for drivers, we only need a few more pieces of information from you and you can start loading intelligently.

Upgrade now

Utilise the full range of functions of the reev Software.The reev Connect Set allows you to use the Compact or Pro reev Software licences. Find out which functions you can benefit from if you opt for the full range of functions, the reev Dashboard Pro. If you have a Compact licence, simply upgrade now in your dashboard and no longer miss out on benefits such as additional revenue, automated billing or public charging.

Supported Hardware

The reev software fulfils the open source communication standard OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol). This means that our cloud-based charging software can be combined with a large number of manufacturers. You can find an overview of all currently compatible hardware models here. 

Our hardware partners: