reev Pulse

Installation and Expansion of Charging Infrastructure

Easy installation of charging infrastructure

reev Pulse is a preconfigured network cabinet that operates as the control unit for the charging infrastructure. It combines the expertise and competence of reev in one element and enables any electrician to easily set up the charging infrastructure via plug & play and connect it to the reev Software.

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Installation with our partner reev solutions

  • A smart standard in all your projects
  • Easy and quick installationAny qualified electrician can carry out the installation. This means that the electricians responsible for the building’s electrical system can also be tasked with setting up the charging infrastructure.
  • Seamless integration into your electrical installation
  • Easy connection to the reev dashboard: With the reev software, the charging infrastructure can be efficiently managed and monitored
  • Integrated Energy Management: With reev Energy management, the available power is perfectly distributed.
High-five to the benefits of the reev Pulse network cabinet when installing charging infrastructure.
Technical components of the reev Pulse network cabinet for the installation of the charging infrastructure.

The technical components of reev Pulse

The network cabinet is available in 3 different sizes:
S up to 50 charging points
M up to 100 charging points
L up to 200 charging points


What you need to consider when installing smart charging groups and what the technical setup of our smart network cabinet reev Pulse looks like, you will learn in the approx—a 30-minute on-demand webinar from our eMobility expert Felix Wiesenberger.

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The preconfigured network cabinet reev Pulse can be purchased directly from the reev Sales Contact. In addition, reev offers a free planning appointment with planners from reev.
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