The reev eWizard optimises the setup of charging stations through a quick and straightforward commissioning process in less than 60 seconds. This innovative tool sets new standards for efficiency within the eMobility sector, primarily by significantly reducing the manual entries previously required. In this article, we take a close look at the reev eWizard and highlight the key advantages it brings to setting up charging infrastructure.

Challenges in the Setup Process

The conventional commissioning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is time-consuming and arduous, with an average installation time of around 10 minutes per charging station. Electricians must perform extensive manual entries and navigate complex setup processes. They encounter issues such as incorrect configuration of charging power, leading to inefficiencies, or network problems that can disrupt the communication of charging stations. Even minor operational errors can interfere with access and billing systems. These challenges pose a significant barrier to the rapid implementation of eMobility.

Connect Charging Stations in Less than 60 Seconds

The reev eWizard impresses with quick, efficient, and user-friendly configuration. As a market innovation, it enables the fastest setup process for charging software. This allows electricians to complete the commissioning of the reev software in less than a minute.

Benefits of the reev eWizard:

  • Minimal Manual Data Entry: The eWizard minimises manual data entry. Data needs to be entered manually only at one point in the process.
  • Error Assistance: In case of errors during installation, the eWizard provides step-by-step troubleshooting guides based on experience and common error sources.
  • Automated Installation: The process is largely automated, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors and simplifying commissioning.
  • Installation Documentation: After setup, an installation protocol can be downloaded or sent via email. This facilitates digital documentation for electricians and ensures seamless quality assurance in the installation process.
  • User-Friendly Design: Electricians have the freedom to use their preferred device for setup – whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The eWizard is optimised for mobile devices (mobile-first design) but can also be easily used on laptops.
  • Accessibility: Designed for ease of use and accessible to everyone, regardless of their eMobility knowledge, the eWizard enables all installers to work efficiently.


reev has created an efficient solution with the eWizard that significantly reduces the time required for the commissioning of charging stations and noticeably improves the daily work of electricians and installers. The tool not only simplifies the installation process but also actively contributes to accelerating eMobility. Product Manager Steffen Falter sums it up: “The eWizard was developed out of a desire to optimise the installation process and minimise error sources – a crucial step towards faster and error-free installation.” This development reflects reev’s goal to optimise processes and enable professionals to achieve a significant increase in efficiency, making the eWizard an indispensable tool in the industry.

Speed up your setup process with the reev eWizard