The funding guideline “Non-public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Bavaria” came into force on 11 May 2022. According to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger, it is intended to make it easier for Bavarian businesses and municipalities to switch to a climate-friendly mobility. The focus of the funding is on charging points for municipal and commercially used eVehicles, as the majority of new eCar registrations are currently commercial or for company vehicles. In addition to commercial eFleet vehicles, this funding also subsidises the charging of company vehicles at employees’ homes.

In the following, we have compiled the most important information about the new subsidy for you.

What is subsidised?

Support is provided for the procurement and installation of non-public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Bavaria. Both normal and fast charging points are eligible for funding.

How much can applicants expect to receive?

The Bavarian subsidy programme provides subsidies for non-public charging points totalling around 3 million euros. Funding is provided for a maximum of 1,500 € per charging point or up to 90 per cent of the eligible costs. Up to 10 charging points can be funded, and up to 9 for municipalities.

Who can apply for support?

The subsidy programme supports the development of charging infrastructure in four areas:

  • Charging in tourist establishments
  • Municipal charging
  • Fleet charging
  • Charging of electric company vehicles at employees’ homes

Accordingly, natural persons and legal entities that are active in the tourism sector, in municipalities (non-commercial), economically (fleet charging) or as an employer economically (charging company cars at home) are eligible to apply.

What are the requirements for funding?

The charging stations must be in Bavaria. The charging infrastructure may only be set up after receipt of the funding decision. Other requirements are that the charging stations must be operated with green electricity and that they must comply with the current Charging Station Ordinance (LVS).

Where can applications be submitted?

The programme is managed by Bayern Innovativ GmbH. You can find the application form, further information and an offer for online consultations on electromobility and funding programmes here. The application window is expected to be open until the end of the year.

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