70% of German companies say they are planning to move into electromobility. A large proportion of them that they are now starting to build their own charging infrastructure – and the proportion is rising rapidly. Why? The German business community has recognised: future-proof fleets drive electrically. Because eMobility is the mobility concept of the future, as the German Future Institute also emphasises. The researchers even go one step further and announce that “electromobility [will] become a lucrative growth market in the coming years, in which companies beyond the automotive industry will increasingly participate.”

At the beginning of January 2020, there were 239,000 electric vehicles on German roads. According to experts, this number will increase fourfold in the next two years: 1 million electric cars will be on the road in Germany in 2022.

The majority of employees already come to work by car. So in the future, they will drive electrically. The possibility of charging at the workplace seems to become an essential factor for employee retention and competitiveness.

In current surveys, fleet managers and CEOs give other reasons for entering eMobility besides future viability, e.g.

  • take advantage of government bonuses and subsidy programmes,
  • benefit from tax breaks,
  • enhance their reputation or
  • achieve CO2 targets.

Mobility concepts for companies – holistic approach is required

The purchase of new electric company cars and pool vehicles is the first step towards eMobility. However, companies that think long-term also create their own charging facilities. This way, the electric fleet vehicles are always ready for use; operational efficiency can be guaranteed.

An attractive advantage of having one’s own charging infrastructure that many are not aware of: additional revenue can even be generated by charging employees and guests.

Charging solutions must be easy to implement

Despite its increasing popularity, electromobility is still uncharted territory for some companies. Setting up their own charging infrastructure is often met with reservations and fears of high costs and a lot of effort. What companies need are simple charging solutions that can be implemented reliably and efficiently, but at the same time are clearly tailored to the needs of businesses.

Eduard Schlutius, eMobility expert and CEO of reev, has recognised the issue and is working with his team on full service solutions that make electric mobility available in a holistic and professional manner while keeping the effort for companies as low as possible:

“Our full service provides for taking over all services related to the development of charging infrastructure – installation, operation, maintenance, etc. . In doing so, we act as the one contact partner who coordinates the entire system and thus ensures smooth operation. This makes it possible for every company to set up an efficient charging infrastructure without having to deal with the technical background in detail,” explains Schlutius.

The solution for companies: Charging infrastructure as a full service package

The Munich-based company reev meets the needs of companies with a concept that offers the installation of charging solutions as a complete package. From consulting, including the selection of suitable charging stations, to planning and implementation, to maintenance service and support – the reev team takes care of the entire process and also ensures smooth operation. Companies that opt for the full service are relieved of any effort. The specific charging solution is individually tailored to the needs of the customer and thus delivers the ideal fit in the highest quality.

And the reev concept is working – it is in great demand by companies.

“Companies in particular want to get started quickly with eMobility. Our full service makes exactly that possible. We are very pleased that it is meeting with such a positive response,” says Eduard Schlutius.

What is behind the full service package?

If you take a closer look at the scope of services, the reev Full Service covers all the necessary components for the smooth construction and operation of an eMobility charging infrastructure. In detail, the whole thing works like this:

1) Consulting and (technical) conceptual design

In the first step, an experienced expert conducts a detailed consultation on site with the company’s contact person. Through a needs assessment, the technical conceptualisation and planning of the project takes place. Subsequently, an individual offer is prepared for the company that takes all requirements into account.

2) Installation and Commissioning

Once the order has been placed, the charging stations are installed and commissioned by a specialised electrician.

3) Operation: Software for monitoring and billing

The full service also convinces through simplicity in operation. This is ensured above all by the fully automated and intuitively operable reev software.

The charging stations can be controlled and managed online by the company itself via an operator portal, the dashboard.

Software features include the monitoring of all charging stations in real time and the automated billing of charging processes. The special highlight, however, is the option to charge for charging processes. This allows companies to generate additional revenue.

4) Maintenance and service

Service and maintenance of the charging stations are also part of the full service and are carried out by experienced eMobility specialists. In this way, the customer is accompanied all around and also supported after completion of the project. This ensures that the charging infrastructure always works perfectly and is always ready for charging.

Conclusion: A simple and professional solution with full control and maximum transparency for companies

The reev Full Service offers what it promises: high-quality charging solutions in a complete package. For companies, this means the smooth implementation of their charging infrastructure: from planning and implementation to support.

Above all, the support provided by experienced eMobility experts throughout the entire process – even beyond commissioning – is a decisive advantage. And through the reev software, the operator of the charging stations receives full transparency of all processes. With the all-round concept, companies can get the maximum out of their charging infrastructure: simply, efficiently and without effort.

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