reev supported the GP Ice Race 2020 as a new partner right from the start and was on hand as an expert to explain eMobility and answer questions. Find out what reev does at such a traditional event here.

What is the GP Ice Race?

It took place for the first time in 1937. For two days, modern and historic racing and rally cars sped over an icy race track under extreme conditions and in an extraordinary atmosphere. Until 1973, the race took place in all weathers and attracted thousands of spectators and racing giants to Zell am See in Austria. 45 years after the last race in 1974, the former enthusiasm was almost forgotten until the race was held again for the first time in 2019. In February 2020, amateur and professional racers, teams and manufacturers of various types again competed against each other in the ice and cold.

 eMobility meets the GP Ice Race 

Why were we partners of the GP Ice Race? Quite simply, this year combustion cars were not the only ones racing around the track; electric cars also took to the starting line! There are more and more races in which electric cars are taking part and even winning on a regular basis. It is becoming increasingly clear that the automotive industry is undergoing a transformation.

As a provider of charging solutions, we at reev dream of an emission-free future for mobility. Events like the GP Ice Race provide the opportunity to show what is possible in terms of electric mobility and that electric cars are capable of top performance even in ice and cold.

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