With the introduction of the new Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) on April 13, 2024, we are witnessing a significant advancement in European charging infrastructure. The AFIR regulation requires operators of publicly accessible charging stations to enable spontaneous charging using common payment methods such as credit and debit cards. This aims to make charging at public stations even more user-friendly. In this regulatory environment, reev presents an intuitive payment solution: the reev Payment Terminal.

Charging made easy: Pay like in a café

“Imagine paying at a charging station as effortlessly as in a café,” says Frauke Schallehn, Product Manager at reev, describing the vision behind the new Payment Terminal. This innovative solution not only simplifies the charging process but also makes it accessible and straightforward for everyone. Users can connect their electric vehicle, select the desired charging point at the terminal, confirm the charging rate, and authorise the payment via credit card. The charging process starts automatically after successful payment authorisation.

Tailored and Compliant: Future-Proof Your Charging Infrastructure

The reev Payment Terminal directly addresses the requirements of AFIR. With seamless integration into the reev backend, it simplifies the management and scaling of the charging infrastructure without the need for additional contracts with third parties. “Our solution modernises ad-hoc charging, making it more practical and reliable than ever before,” adds Schallehn. For charging infrastructure operators, the terminal offers an efficient solution that complies with AFIR regulations and simplifies the billing of spontaneous charging sessions via card payment.

Flexibility and Strong Partnerships

The reev Payment Terminal is characterised by its adaptability to various charging infrastructures – both AC and DC – and can be used independently of hardware. Hardware partners like ABL GmbH, Schneider Electric, and PC Electric GmbH supply the necessary hardware, while we provide the software solution. Together, we offer a comprehensive package. These partnerships ensure wide availability and reliable support. Additionally, die-ladesäule offers an elegant yet robust stainless steel stand with an integrated payment terminal alongside the reev solution. Thus, the reev payment terminal represents a flexible solution that easily integrates into various user requirements and adds value.

Benefits for Operators and Drivers

For Operators:

  • AFIR Compliance: Ensures current legal standards and secures the future viability of your charging infrastructure.
  • No Third-Party Contract Needed: Reduces complexity by eliminating additional contractual obligations.
  • Seamless Backend Integration: Allows easy management through simple integration into the reev system.
  • Scalability: Adapts flexibly to the growing demands of your infrastructure.

For End Users/Drivers:

  • Maximum Flexibility: Enables spontaneous charging without prior registration or app download.
  • Easy Operation: Ensures a simple and straightforward charging process from start to finish.
  • Transparent Billing: No hidden costs – users pay only for the electricity actually charged.

Discover the New Possibilities with the reev Payment Terminal

The reev Payment Terminal expands and enhances your charging infrastructure with its innovative addition to the existing reev portfolio. As an important component for a more sustainable and user-friendly electric mobility, it offers AFIR-compliant solutions that are both simple and efficient. Frauke Schallehn, Product Manager at reev, describes the terminal: “It makes paying as easy as in a restaurant or at the supermarket checkout.” This innovative solution simplifies the charging process, integrates seamlessly into existing systems, and meets the latest legal requirements.

Do you want to make your charging infrastructure more efficient and always ahead of legal requirements? Visit our website for detailed information and learn how you can benefit from the advantages of the reev Payment Terminal. Maximum flexibility and transparent costs await you. We look forward to supporting you in transforming your charging infrastructure – for future-proof, efficient, and user-friendly electric mobility.

Discover the future of charging infrastructure with the reev Payment Terminal.