The Payment Terminal Solution

Charge spontaneous charging sessions via card payment from now on. Conveniently with the Payment Terminal solution from reev.

Benefits for operators of charging infrastructure:

  • Offer AFIR-compliant, simple payment for ad-hoc charging sessions
  • No additional contract with third parties necessary
  • Seamless integration of the Payment Terminal into the reev Backend
  • Effortlessly scalable system: An unlimited number of charging points can be integrated into the system, and expansion is possible at any time.

Here’s how the process works for drivers:

  1. The driver parks in the space and connects the charging cable to the vehicle.
  2. The driver goes to the Payment Terminal and selects the desired charging point based on the EVSE ID.
  3. On the display, they confirm the charging tariff and authorize the payment using the desired payment method.
  4. After successful authorization, the charging session starts automatically.
  5. The charging session is ended via the vehicle. Afterwards, the driver’s bank account is charged with the costs of the charging session.

No app or contract with third parties required – maximum flexibility for drivers and operators.

Hardware and Distribution

The Payment Terminal is integrated into the designated hardware of selected partners, currently Schneider Electric, ABL, and PCE. The hardware is available through electrical wholesalers and at Die-Ladesä


The usage fee for the Payment Terminal is €20 per month plus the fee for the reev Software Licence, as well as a transaction fee of 5% on all charging sessions paid for at the terminal.

Legal Background

In April 2024, the new AFIR Regulation (Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation) comes into effect. It stipulates that newly installed charging stations must offer the possibility of card payment.

Operators of publicly accessible charging stations in Europe are thus required to enable payment via common payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, for spontaneous charging.

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