What is the Building eMobility Infrastructure Act?

The German federal government has now paved the way for eMobility with comprehensive legislation. The Building eMobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG), which came into force on March 25, 2021, requires the expansion of buildings’ power and charging infrastructure. This means that, in the future, eMobility must be factored in from the start of the construction planning process.

The two primary objectives of the GEIG are to accelerate development of the power and charging infrastructure in the property sector and to ensure construction and accommodation affordability. For the federal government, the Act is a key pathway to achieving climate protection targets.

New power infrastructure requirements for parking

The Act stipulates that there must be a certain number of conduits for power and data cable installation at each property’s parking spaces. This means that owners have an obligation to ensure the necessary framework to allow the later connection of charging points.

The new rules distinguish between

  • residential and non-residential buildings, and
  • new buildings and existing buildings (undergoing extensive renovation work).

How many parking spaces require conduits for power cables depends on the property’s total number of spaces. Charging facilities can then be installed at those spaces at any time.

The GEIG regulations at a glance

Neighborhood approach and exemptions

The neighborhood approach allows builders and property owners to join forces. They can agree to work together on the necessary installation if their buildings are close together, for example in the same street.

Exemptions from the GEIG apply to non-residential buildings owned by small and medium-sized companies that largely use the buildings themselves. They are not covered by the requirements.
Similarly, the GEIG does not apply if the costs of developing the charging and cable infrastructure exceed 7% of the total costs of major renovation work.

The Building eMobility Infrastructure Act is paving the way for the nationwide expansion of the charging infrastructure, helping to future-proof eMobility by ensuring enough charging facilities, and making it easier for drivers to go electric.

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