The reev app for drivers shines in a new design. In addition to the new look, the mobile application also offers many new functions that make managing charging processes even easier. With this, reev is consistently taking another step in the direction of SmartMobility and making charging e-cars even easier.

reev it easy: anchoring e-mobility in everyday life

Whether charging on the go, at home or at work: the charging process should be easy to do and not involve any additional organizational or time expenditure. This is exactly where the new reev app for drivers comes into play.

The app creates the interface between driver and operator of the charging solution. A company can use the reev Dashboard, the online operator portal, to assign employees to a defined, flexibly changeable tariff for charging at their own charging stations. Drivers can then use the app to start charging processes, monitor them and view bills. In addition, your own wallbox for charging a company car at home can be easily controlled with the app.

What are the features of the reev app for drivers?

Authentication at charging stations
The reev app makes charging even easier for drivers. Because all the necessary login data is linked to the app on the smartphone — RFID cards and RFID-enabled employee ID cards are no longer necessary.

Track charging processes in real time
Scan the QR code with your smartphone and off you go. Charging processes can be easily started, paused or ended on the go with the reev app. Active charging processes can even be followed live — even remotely.

View charging history
Charging processes can be viewed at any time and checked according to location, duration and costs. This makes organization and administration easier for all parties, especially in the work environment. Operators and employees keep track of things.

Manage billing and payment data securely
The app is password protected and meets all data and security standards. Registered drivers can view outstanding and completed payments, as well as store invoice data and change them if necessary.

Driver self-registration
With the app, drivers can independently go onboard after the operator of the charging station has invited them to use the app.

Why the reev app for drivers?

The reev app for drivers makes charging electronic vehicles easy and clear. For operators of reev charging solutions, it means reduced effort and increased efficiency at the same time. The user-friendly operation makes it easier for both operators and drivers to get started with eMobility.

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