Acquiring charging stations when buying one or more electric cars makes the switch to eMobility much smoother — especially if the charging stations are smart. What distinguishes a “smart” charging station from a “normal” one? The difference is the backend. It enables the automation of many processes and the control and management of the charging infrastructure. We explain what a backend is and what it can do.

Easy charging with intelligent software

The backend is the charging station software that runs in the background. The charging station and the backend communicate with each other, allowing the operator to view charging processes and making it possible to access the charging infrastructure, manage users, and bill charging. This simplifies not just operation but also charging itself, as it facilitates charging processes. Both operators and drivers therefore benefit.

What are the advantages of a backend?

Measurability, consumption control, and automated billing

If a charging station has integrated software, you can set up access restrictions, for example, so that the station can only be used by authorized persons. Charging can also be billed transparently and automatically by recording electricity consumption. An intelligent charging infrastructure is particularly important to large charging parks: the software is the only way to centrally process charging by different users across multiple locations.

Load management

The backend also plays a central role in load management. If multiple electric cars are charging at the same time, the backend prevents peak loads and automatically distributes the available electricity between the various vehicles. It ensures that charging has no impact on service electricity connections.

Efficient charging station operation

Intelligent software can be used to offer paying charging services. This gives the operator the chance to generate additional revenue with a profitable business model. It also enables publicly available charging options, for example ad hoc charging and eRoaming. Public charging stations are state-subsidized

and therefore cheaper to purchase. A real win-win situation.

In short, intelligent software automates and simplifies complex processes, facilitating the move to eMobility for both operators and users.

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