You are an electrician and use the reev Connect Set in order to equip a charging station with the reev Software?
On this page you will find information about: 
  • Technical setup of the charging station
  • Integration of the reev Software
  • Latest software updates and release notes

  • Find out more about the reev Connect Set by downloading our free product brochure.
    Please note: This is not the setup for ABL charging stations.
    For ABL reev ready, please visit our setup page.

    On this page, you will find information about:

    Marco installing the box

    Technical Setup of the charging station

    Manufacturer information for hardware installation and operation.

    Integration of the reev Software

    Instruction for integration of reev Software in one or more charging station(s).


    Latest software updates and release notes

    Information about the latest versions of Software and firmware.

    Select below the manufacturer whose hardware you want to put into operation.
    The setup is simple and can be done easily.
    Download the required manufacturer instruction and follow the steps.

    Please note: The operator of the charging infrastructure is responsible for the setup of the reev Connect Set, reev does not assume any responsibility.

    An overview of all currently compatible hardware models can be found here.

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