Smartphones and laptops have long been part of our daily lives. Charging our everyday companions on a regular basis has thus long been a matter of habit for us. It is the same with electric vehicles, which also need to be charged regularly. To charge an electric car quickly and reliably, cables and sockets are exposed to high currents over a long period of time. Common household sockets are usually not designed for this extreme load – overheating and, in the worst case, melting of the socket can occur. We explain here why it is worth purchasing a charging station for your electric car.

Reasons for purchasing a charging station

A charging station is recommended precisely because both the charging time and the charging power of a household socket leave a lot to be desired. What you need is a type of electric petrol station for your electric car. It is connected by an electrician to a high-voltage connection (three-phase alternating current, 400 volts) and can therefore charge much faster than a conventional household socket. Many charging stations already have an integrated cable – this is very practical, especially for private use, because a cable does not always have to be present in the car and plugged in separately. But it is not only short charging times and uncomplicated charging that speak in favour of a charging station. Smart charging stations offer additional services, such as electricity billing or load management.

What is a smart charging station?

Unlike a standard charging station, a smart charging station  is connected to the Internet and can communicate with other systems to centrally manage the car’s charging process. For example, charging data and history can be transmitted, i.e. charging processes are recorded digitally. The charging load of the charging station can also be viewed. In combination with an app, the data can then also be viewed at any time and from anywhere.

The initial purchase of a smart charging station is somewhat more expensive than that of a regular charging station at first. However, with the option of updates and the diverse possibilities of use, you are definitely investing in the future. If you have decided to purchase this type of charging station, the installation can be carried out by a qualified electrician.

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