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Intelligent charging software and powerful hardware

Intuitive charging software from reev

Powerful hardware from selected partners

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The reev Pre-Configured product range is a complete package that offers seamless integration of reev Software and hardware. Access to all reev software functions is provided free of charge for the first three months.


ABL reev ready consists of the reev ready charging station with the SIM card already inserted and one or more reev ready Compact or Pro license keys (one license key per charging point is required for setup).

Your advantage with reev Pre-Configured


Easy access

With Pre-Configured you can start the future safely: you receive a complete package that includes all the necessary components for a complete, intelligent charging infrastructure. This will save you time and ensure you don’t forget any important details.

Fast, secure onboarding

There is no need to configure the charging station on site. Thanks to the integrated reev software, commissioning is quick and easy. Whether wallbox or charging station – combined with the reev software, it is immediately intelligent and ready to go.

Products from experts

reev works closely with its hardware partners and ensures that charging stations and reev Software are optimally coordinated with one another. Combined specialist knowledge, intensive collaboration and in-depth integration tests ensure smooth and secure operations at all times.

reev Software – easy access to intelligent electromobility

With the intuitive reev dashboard in the online operator portal, your charging stations control and manage themselves. Easy identification and authorization, real-time information about the charging process and an intuitive user interface are just a few advantages of the reev software, which makes the charging experience convenient and efficient.

Depending on the individual application, operators can choose between the reev software licenses Compact and Pro. This creates tailor-made and flexible charging solutions.

With the license key you can connect your charging stations and make them smart with the reev ready software.

Powerful hardware from selected partners.

reev pre-configured hardware models such as wallboxes and charging stations come with an inserted reev SIM card and attached QR code sticker (with EVSE ID). The reev pre-configured hardware partners are constantly being expanded.

Hardware for charging stations becomes smart with reev SIM cards and software.

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