The development of charging infrastructure is a key factor for the successful switch to electric mobility. This applies in particular to the commercial sector, the housing industry and charging infrastructure at company locations. There, the charging stations enable drivers to charge their electric vehicle comfortably in their own four walls, at work or while shopping and to drive off without having to look for a suitable charging station.  However, many are still holding back due to a lack of knowledge about the advantages and implementation possibilities of their own charging infrastructure. Getting started with electromobility is easy with the right advice and the implementation can be a worthwhile additional benefit. Charging stations can be set up easily and cost-effectively and operated profitably.

Fulfil your vision of a sustainable and modern residential property or of the company’s own charging infrastructure with reev. As an expert in the field, we bring you closer to the two different operator models of intelligent charging infrastructure that enable you to manage and manage your charging stations: Either in-house operation or by an eMobility service provider in third-party operation.

What is an “intelligent charging station”?

A charging station with installed software is called an “intelligent charging station”. The integrated software enables the control and management of the charging infrastructure in later operation. It provides administrative and management functions such as access control, user management, tariff management and automatic charging billing. It also automates many processes, ensuring efficient operation.  A distinction is made between two operating models:

In-house operation: Owner operates the charging infrastructure himself 

With the intelligent reev cloud software, you can operate the entire charging infrastructure independently and efficiently. Via the intuitive online operator portal, the reev Dashboard, you can control and manage your charging infrastructure in a simple and uncomplicated way. The online operator portal, such as the reev Dashboard, gives the operator access to all functions. Billing takes place automatically and legally secure in the background, the consumption of the charging processes can be easily controlled and, if desired, different tariff options can be defined per user group – and that, across several locations.

This form of operation is recommended for small and large companies, housing associations or owners who want to manage their charging infrastructure themselves. 

reev offers two different solutions for the in-house operation of your charging infrastructure: ABL reev ready, which combines the reev software with the preconfigured ABL Hardware and reev Connect, which combines the reev software easily with the hardware of your choice.  An overview of the functions of the reev software can be found here

Betreibermodell Ladeinfrastruktur reev Dashboard

Third-party operation: operation by an external service provider 

With this operator model, you leave the management of your charging infrastructure to an external eMobility service provider. This reduces the effort for the owner of the charging stations to a minimum. The functions such as user management, access control, billing and monitoring of charging processes are completely taken over by the service provider. One of these service providers who take over the operation completely is reev.   

charge@home® – Your charging solution in full service operation by reev 

With charge@home® not only the operation of the charging infrastructure is taken over completely – reev also takes care of the planning, installation and maintenance of the charging stations and thus offers a full service package for the entire life cycle of your electric charging station: 

This gives you the opportunity to receive all services from a single source. You can rely on a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure. 

This operator model is suitable for large companies, housing associations or owners who do not have personnel resources available for operating the charging infrastructure. 

What are the benefits of charge@home®? 

  • Future-proof: Creation of an overall concept with individually tailored components.
  •  Scalability: Gradual, simple and cost-effective expansion possible with increasing demand.
  • Effortless: We accompany you through the entire process and take over all processes for you.
  • Operation: reev has experienced eMobility experts who take care of the operation such as access restriction and user management.
  • Economic cost distribution: Fair offer for parking lot users and owners.

Holistic services for your charging infrastructure 

reev stands for tailor-made charging infrastructure for buildings of all sizes – from individual properties to entire quarters or corporate fleets. From planning and implementation to operation – with reev you have the right partner at your side. We respond to your needs and develop the right charging solution for your application: future-proof, scalable and user-friendly. 

With the reev Dashboard, you can easily manage your charging infrastructure yourself or hand over the operation to reev. You choose the right operator model for you and we accompany you on request throughout the entire service life – from planning and commissioning to customer support. 

Are you interested in reev charging solutions?

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