Restaurant and hotel with charging station - revenue for you, added value for your customers.

Restaurants and hotels with charging stations for electric cars increase their appeal to environmentally conscious guests and boost customer satisfaction. Your guests can charge their electric vehicle easily and conveniently without having to search for an electric charging station while they enjoy their stay. At the same time, you create an additional source of income with your charging station or wallbox with billing system in the hotel. Our intelligent reev Software allows you to integrate a user-friendly charging station and bill all users separately, even across multiple locations.

Charging station for your guests

Make charging stations available for your guests. Payment is made directly at the charging station by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay (ad hoc). Optionally, you can also authorise your charging stations for charging with third-party charging cards (eRoaming). This means you can either generate additional revenue or let your guests charge their eCar at the hotel's expense.

Charging returning vehicles

Issue RFID charging cards to regular guests and employees. For monthly payment, registered drivers with Pro License can choose between credit card and SEPA direct debit.

reev GHG quotas

reev charging solutions for hotels that pay off twice. You can generate additional revenue with your charging infrastructure. Receive money for each of your electric vehicles (BEV) and for each charging process at your publicly accessible charging points - quite simply with the reev GHG quotas. This is how restaurants and hotels with charging points really pay off.

Operator portal and best practices

The online operator portal gives you access to your charging stations and allows you to control and manage them. With our best practices for restaurants and hotels with charging stations for electric cars, the setup is done quickly. You can also make individual customisations – tailored specifically to your needs.

How your hospitality industry benefits from eMobility

Guided commissioning and configuration

Your own remote maintenance access

Legal security

Free pricing

reev GHG quota

 reev Supports you in the installation of your charging station for hotels and gastronomy

Initial commissioning is completed in just a few steps. Our online support offers additional help. Manual configuration of the software by a qualified electrician is not required.

With online access via the reev software, your charging station can be set up and repaired remotely.

You can set up remote maintenance access for your facility manager and/or your electrician. This allows most maintenance work to be carried out via online access and any faults to be rectified remotely. If this does not work, our technical support team will assist you – by telephone and on site.

Legal security with the reev Software

With reev you are on the safe side. The charging processes are billed in compliance with calibration law and ZAG. There are no tax disadvantages.

Free pricing for charging processes at your charging station depending on the user.

You have full control over pricing (except for eRoaming). Allow users to charge free of charge or define different prices for guests, regular guests and employees.

Generate additional revenue with your charging stations in the hotel or gastronomy.

You can generate additional revenue with your reev charging solutions.

With the reev GHG quotas, you earn with every electric vehicle (BEV) from your fleet and receive additional revenue per kWh for every charging process at your publicly accessible charging points – even retroactively.

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reev GHG-Quota

Simply offer card payment at public charging points with the reev Payment Terminal.

reev Payment Terminal

For AFIR-compliant and simple payment

Spontaneous charging operations can now be settled by card payment: Easily at the reev payment terminal.

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