Reimbursement of home charging processes

easy and legally compliant.

Charging at a smart wallbox at home

This is how it works: Users' private and business charging processes are separated and consumption is recorded per kWh (e.g. using RFID-enabled employee ID cards or the reev App). Home charging processes are automatically transmitted to the employer for billing. Billing is either fully automated or as part of the monthly reimbursement of expenses. Prerequisite is: The employee has a wallbox with the reev Software integrated. The employee has a software-compatible wallbox onto which the reev Software can be installed.

Charging at home and save costs

Save more than €820 per year* - with a single company car! You pay significantly less to charge your company cars at home (compared to charging at public charging stations) thanks to the much cheaper electricity tariffs. With just 12 company cars, costs can be saved in the five-figure range every year!
*Assumptions for the calculation: VW ID3 with 48kWh gross capacity. Costs for public charging: €0.59/kWh, costs for home charging: €0.44/kWh. The vehicle is charged to 80% each time (80% * 48 kWh = 38.4 kWh), with 12 charging sessions per month.
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Charging with the LinkOne smart charging cable

As an alternative to the software-enabled wallbox, reev offers employees the option of charging via the LinkOne intelligent charging cable. The two solutions can also be combined. LinkOne use case: An employee does not have a smart wallbox at home and cannot/will not install one.

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