Flexible and customised charging solutions for commercial properties and multi-storey car parks. We specialise in complex large-scale projects and solutions for entire city quarters. A high degree of standardisation allows the charging solutions to be used in charging infrastructure projects of any size. We offer you a flexible service package that is optimally tailored to individual requirements.

For project planners & property developers

Increase the long-term viability of your projects. With reev, you receive a legally compliant and scalable charging solution that is tailored to the individual requirements of the property. The reev expert team handles the entire planning process of the charging solution and supports you as a professional partner.

Electric charging

For facility/property managers & parking space operators

Scalable, efficient, safe – reev offers you a customised and comprehensive solution that increases the value of your properties. Through different expansion stages, the reev charging solutions are flexible, cost-efficient and easily expandable. For you, this means: full transparency and no additional administrational tasks.

For commercial tenants

Are you a tenant of a commercial unit with a parking space and would like to charge your vehicles electrically in the future? Your employees and guests can authenticate and charge at your charging point without much effort using the reev keyfob, RFID card or reev app. In the reev dashboard, you have an overview of all charging processes and costs. By automating the processes, you save time and staff resources.

Our solutions

The core of all our products and services is our cloud charging software. It was developed specifically for the use case “commercial real estate and parking” and makes it possible to respond to the individual requirements of the property and to create a demand-oriented, scalable and standardised charging infrastructure. Depending on individual requirements, the reev software can be purchased as software, as Full Service or as a package with Full Service + operation.

Your benefits with reev

Precise recording of consumption

Charging processes are recorded per kWh and separately per user – even when they are using the same charging stations.

Flexible service package

We offer you a service that is customised to your individual requirements: software-only, Full Service or Full Service + operation.

User friendliness

With the reev app, registered drivers can manage their own charging processes as well as their billing information in a secure and uncomplicated manner.

In July 2021, the “car park of the future” was opened in Nuremberg-Sandreuth – with 128 charging points and intelligent energy management. The eMobility lighthouse project by reev and N-ERGIE is the largest electric car park in Franconia and also one of the largest in Bavaria.

This is how your property benefits from eMobility charging solutions

Economic viability
Operate your charging solution economically by offering public charging (Ad Hoc & eRoaming). Flexible charging tariff management allows different user groups to charge at different rates. Or you can offer your customers a sustainable and easy-to-implement capital investment based on ESG criteria.
Legal security
New legal situation for renovations of existing buildings: for more than 10 parking spaces, every fifth parking space must be equipped with protective pipes for electric cables and at least one charging point must also be installed. New legal situation for new buildings: For non-residential buildings with more than 6 parking spaces, at least every third parking space must be equipped with cable infrastructure.
Increasing value and attractiveness
Intelligent charging solutions for parking spaces are increasing the innovative external image of the parking space provider. Many companies want to offer their employees and customers a charging facilities directly in the building. With a charging infrastructure, you set an example for climate protection while increasing the exclusive added value of your property at the same time.
Future viability
Charging facilities will soon be part of the required basic equipment of commercial properties. The decision to buy or rent will be significantly influenced by whether charging facilities are available at the location. Thus, charging infrastructure is no longer just an attractive plus point, it also ensures the rentability of your property in the future. Intelligent load and energy management ensures safe and efficient integration. Other energy systems can also be integrated.
  • Economic viability
  • Legal security
  • Increasing value and attractiveness
  • Future viability

You want our charging solutions for your property?

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