If the battery runs out unexpectedly during a longer journey with the eVehicle, it is important to be able to use a nearby charging station to avoid getting stuck. But a charging station of your own contractual partner is not always nearby. Drivers must therefore be able to rely on a comprehensive charging network and need a solution that can also be loaded spontaneously: Ad hoc charging.

Spontaneous charging & guest charging

The European Parliament and the European Council sought to make Ad hoc charging (also selective charging or direct payment) possible. Directive 2014/94/EU was jointly adopted in 2014, which stipulates that direct charging and payment must be possible at publicly available charging stations without prior notification.

Ad Hoc Laden is not only an uncomplicated solution for drivers who want to load on the go. Operators of private or semi-public charging stations also like to use it to allow spontaneous chargers or guests to charge.

Benefits of Ad Hoc charging 

With Ad Hoc Charging, drivers can spontaneously (ad hoc) charge at charging stations without having to register beforehand or contract with the operator.   Since 2017, the right to ad hoc charging at every charging station has been laid down in the Charging Stations Regulation. Thus, a “non-discriminatory charging” is to be made possible.  Payment is made immediately…

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