Future-proof fleets drive electrically. With our charging solutions, you can easily build up an extensive network of charging options and manage your charging infrastructure simply and centrally – regardless of the type and size of your company. From access control to monitoring to billing – with reev you get a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Charging for employees

Offer your employees the possibility to charge private vehicles at the workplace. You decide on the amount of the tariff. Billing is monthly and automated. RFID-enabled employee ID cards or the reev app can be used for authorisation.

Charging of fleet & company vehicles

Allow pool vehicles and company cars to be charged for free or charge them internally. Allow pool vehicles and company cars to be charged for free or charge them internally. Allocate costs and consumption to individual departments or cost centres. All charging processes are billed to the exact booking account. It is also possible to charge company cars at employees’ homes.

Charging for customers & guests

Guests and customers who charge spontaneously on the company premise pay directly at the charging station by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay (Ad Hoc); or external charging card (eRoaming). Make your charging infrastructure available for public use and receive additional government funding for the installation of your charging stations.

At its site in Polch, the sweet and savoury biscuit manufacturer Griesson – de Beukelaer (GdB) has installed six charging stations, each with two charging points. Thanks to the simple system technology from ABL and reev, the entire project was designed, prepared and implemented independently by GdB and a local electrical contractor.
At the beginning of 2019, the high-tech company TRUMPF opened one of the largest electric charging stations in Germany in the company’s own parking garage. Almost 90 charging points are available to employees, customers and guests.
Since 2017, the energy supplier N-ERGIE has implemented around 160 charging points at its various locations in the Nuremberg region, paving the way for its employees to embrace electric mobility. A charging infrastructure of this size must be well planned.
Service as a recipe for success for wholesalers. Elektro Braun wholesale is not only a seller, but also offers its customers additional services. Among other things, Elektro Braun provides advice and support in setting up charging infrastructure.

reev charging solutions

Our products and services are flexible & scalable and meet your requirements as needed. You get your own charging infrastructure: future-proof, user-friendly and with minimal effort.
reev Dashboard
You can access, control and manage your charging stations via the intuitive online operator portal. Our best practices for companies are already preset. You can easily make individual adjustments yourself.

Depending on the software licence, various functions are available to you:
  • Access control
  • User management
  • Monitoring & management
  • Flexible tariff design (except eRoaming)
  • Various payment options for drivers
  • Fully automated billing

More about the reev Software
reev app
User-friendly and concise.

With the reev app, your registered users (e.g. employees) can keep an eye on everything – from real-time charging processes to consumption history and billing information. This makes charging easy.

Drivers can:
  • Start and stop charging processes easily
  • Onboard themselves with their RFID card
  • View their charging history and active charging processes in real time
  • and much more.
Available for Android and iOS.
Learn more about the reev app here.
reev GHG quotas
Profiting from reev GHG quotas.

With your reev charging solution, you can now generate additional revenue: With the reev GHG quotas. Earn money with every electric vehicle (BEV) from your fleet and on every charging process at your public charging points – even retroactively.

The reev GHG quotas:
    “reev GHG quota for company and pool cars.“
  • You receive a fixed amount of currently 280€ for each pure electric vehicle (BEV) in your fleet.

  • “reev GHG quota for public charging points
  • You can earn up to an additional 13 cents per kWh on each charging session.

More information: reev GHG quotas
By opting for an electric car, you are actively helping to preserve our environment. And this is rewarded by the federal and state governments with various subsidies and benefits.
Whether it’s a motor vehicle tax exemption, BMVI funding programme for companies or KfW funding for private charging stations. Our blog article tells you everything you need to know.

To the blog article
  • reev Dashboard
  • reev app
  • reev GHG quotas
  • Subsidies

Charge company car at home

Increase the operational readiness of your eFleet now and at the same time improve the charging comfort for your employees.

Company car drivers charge at home, employer reimburses electricity costs. Convenient, safe and simple.

With the reev dashboard, the charging processes at home can be recorded accurately in terms of consumption, per kWh, and automatically transmitted to the employer for internal billing.


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